Version 4 of Gps Tracker has been released!

September 26th, 2014 | Nick Fox

And what a whopper it is! This has been the second biggest change to Gps Tracker since it was first created. The design of the app has totally changed. It’s now using twitter bootstrap which has a style sheet that allows people to create responsive webpages. This means that it looks right on any size device such as a cell phone, tablet or desktop.

Not only that but Gps Tracker is now themed using bootswatch. This allows you to choose 17 different themes. You can switch themes by changing one single word. Here are 3 examples of the new theme, a light one:

Gps Tracker light theme

a dark one:

Gps Tracker dark theme

and a cool blue one:

Gps Tracker b;ue theme

On the clients, I have switched back to using a GET request instead of a POST request. It’s just much easier for people to troubleshoot when they can paste a URL in the browser to test out the application.

Lastly, the actual functionality of the app has changed. When you first load the app, you will see all devices displayed. The one with the red marker is the most recent gps location. When you click on a marker or select a route from the dropdown box below the map, then you will be taken to that particular route and will be able to see the route’s history on the map. Clicking on a marker will allow you to see total distance traveled and speed.

Clicking on the Auto Refresh button will update the map once a minute automatically. That will work when viewing all the devices or when viewing a single route. To get back to viewing all the devices, tap on the View All button and you’ll be back to the main view. You can see that the two views have a parent-child relationship.

If you want to see the live test version of Gps Tracker, go here:

If you want to try it out on your android phone, download it from google play and then check it out on the display map above. I hope you enjoy the app, it’s a significant improvement over the past design.