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gps trackerWelcome to the home of the Google Map Gps Cell Phone Tracker. This project allows you to track cell phones periodically. For instance every minute or every five minutes. You can watch the cell phone being tracked in real time using google maps and you can store and reload routes easily.

You have the choice of two server stacks. Either using and sql server or using php and mysql. Historically, devs have downloaded the server project 2 to 1 over the php project. I have included both now in the same download but you only need to use one.

The test page to display maps is here. There are now 17 themes available using bootswatch and bootstrap. All themes are responsive. This means that they display properly on a cell phone, tablet or full size monitor automatically. Here is the light version:

The quick start guide to setting up GpsTracker is here:

Quick Start Guide for GpsTracker 3

If you need help with GpsTracker, please ask your question in a comment on one of the tutorials here on websmithing. Choose one that best fits your problem:

Gps Tracker Tutorials

Please note that by default, the cell phone clients will use this server for testing. Search for the variable defaultUploadWebsite in each project. It is currently set to:

You need to change that to your own web server after you install the server software. The android client can change this in the UI, you do not need to change this in code for the android app.

To get the very latest source code, go to my github here:

One more thing that I would like to mention. I have been working hard on the server software and I have upgraded it to leaflet. Leaflet is a library that allows you to select your mapping provider. So now you have the choice of using Google, Bing or OpenStreetMaps. After you select a route on the displaymaps page, you will see a new control in the upper right hand corner of the map. When you click on that you can change your map provider immediately. It’s a pretty cool feature. Also, there are dozens more providers, its really worth taking a look at the leaflet library. Look at this plugin and you can see about a dozen different providers:

Leaflet Providers

If one of your map providers goes down you can swap it out immediately. Another nice thing about it is different areas of the world have better coverage on different map providers so you can easily check different map providers to see which provides the best data.

Feel free to fork it, do pull requests, create issues if you see a problem. I look forward to other devs participating.

You can also download the zipped up file from sourceforge which I’ve used as a distribution channel for a long time and generates a lot of traffic for GpsTracker.

I am currently writing documentation and tutorials for this software and will also add more youtube training videos soon.

Thank you for trying it out!


27 thoughts on “Gps Tracker

  1. Adish jain

    Sir how I secure to my family member is ok or right place his safety like I want to gps trace to my family member

  2. ken

    Hi Nick,

    You didnt give instructions on howto add the google maps API . Accessing the displaymap.php shows a blank map even with the API inserted in head section of php.

  3. urban viher

    Sir you have a problem with Oreo . GpsTrackerAlarmReceiver extends WakefulBroadcastReceiver these is not working and also the problem is that on oreo these app crashed .

  4. chinx

    Why is it not working online, on localhost the displaymap.php works fine but on the webserver it is showing a blank map.

  5. karan basra

    hi sir i made Tracking App in mysql and i want to show other person location but i can’t do that .
    i want pick mysql data base latlng location and show in mymapActivity. can you help me?
    i am fresher.
    and i am using which method to get new marker and my marker in one map activity

  6. cypherusuh

    Apps no longer work as background process, can only track if you focus the app, instantly dies out if minimized

  7. William J. Hernandez

    Dear Nick my name is William Hernandez From Venezuela , I have seen your web page about Covid19project for cell phone and wanted to congratulate you for yor work and also to comment about a project we are working on to try to give our grain of sand in this terrible situation with the pandemia , we are working on a portal named , decentralized and open source , the idea is to create a gateway to channel a network of support , collaboration , participation , that can gather the goodness and profound sentiments of solidarity and union that have surfaced around the globe.

    We believe that an integration with your project could be very useful and could significantly enhanced the project and the contribution for the world

    We would very much like to talk with you and explore the possibility of an integration with TodosUnidos

    looking Forward

    Stay Healthy

    William j. Hernández R.

    whatsapp +58 424 4331027

  8. Phillip

    I want to hide gps tracker on phone and also need instructions on how to create my server in not adeveloper but have some knowledge


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