I’m still alive and so is GpsTracker

February 20th, 2018 | Nick Fox

I just wanted to let people know what’s going on with GpsTracker. It’s been a couple of years now since I’ve retired from software development. I spend most of time working on my guitar and I’m building a bathroom right now. I just updated the Android client to the latest software so I know that’s working properly. That is still the most popular client.

One thing I would like to mention is that Google is now requiring an API key to use Google Maps. So if things aren’t working, that’s a good place to look first.


I am still answering questions here on websmithing. Just create an account and ask on the appropriate page.

One last thing I’d like to say. I would like to update the GpsTracker iphone app. I no longer have an account with Apple and don’t want to spend the $100 that it requires. If you are an ios developer and would like to assist me in updating that, I would greatly appreciate it. If you would like to do the work for free, then I would include your name in the Change Log and you can use it as a reference for future employers. If you would prefer to be paid, I’m willing to pay $50 dollars but then I will just do the update without mentioning who the developer was. I think that sounds pretty fair.

Good luck in using GpsTracker and give me a yell if you need any help.